God in the Philippines

Reverend Jim and Paula Wilson, along with ten others, spent time in the Philippines aiding young women, and girls who had been rescued out of the sex traffic trade. They were each given a doll, along with bags that contained bows, ribbons, bracelets, school supplies, and more. Paula was able to love them and let them know that they were special and that they could trust in God with their future.

With a brand new sewing machine and a wealth of materials, Paula taught leaders of the community how to sew by making pillow cases. Their leaders in turn plan to teach the young women how to sew in order to generate and provide some income for themselves and their families.

It was shocking how young some of the girls and young women who were being sex trafficked. The youngest that we met was nine years old. It was a real privilege to be able to sit and listen to their harrowing and tragic experiences, and later hear of the hopes and dreams that they now have.

As part of our mission, we partnered with a local pastor, praying, and engaging in heavy spiritual warfare as we walked the streets in well known sex trafficking areas. We Evangelized, passed out tracks, shared the Holy Gospel, and prayed for many we encountered in the city streets.

In remote villages we shared the good news of Jesus Christ and performed over 27 baptisms as numerous people gave their lives to Christ. We taught the planting and rotation of crops with several farmers. We also hiked the mountainous region, and purchased a water buffalo to help with farming, and transporting supplies up and down the mountain.

During our mission, we handed out 1,500 bags of food and provided another 800 meals to those who were hungry. Over 1000 people in need were given clothing.

The children were amazing, and everyone was filled with deep gratitude and thanksgiving. They were in awe of the great distance we traveled to share God’s love and bring hope into their lives.

Thank you for helping us share the Gospel with these special people. Your participation was vital in helping us to make this world a better place to live in. This would not have been possible without your help

God’s Blessings,
Reverend Jim and Paula Wilson