Empowering the Vision

Empowering the Vision

Three Nails is committed to empowering the vision, and participates in a variety of activities that provide a hand up in our communities at home, and abroad.

Three Nails Transformation Ministries provides people with opportunities that lead to the right relationship with our heavenly Father. We improve the quality of life of our communities through worship, tending to the welfare of the body, mind, and spirit, mentoring, and sponsoring missions.

To meet our goals, Three Nails Transformation Ministries will be establishing a meeting place (church) for two or three worship centers, as well as a location that would house a B.I.C. World Missions headquarters. We also hope to train and raise up civic minded volunteers to help reach out to those of dire need in our communities.

homeless bags

Welfare in the Community

Three Nails looks out for the community. To lend a hand up to the homeless and those who are begging on the street, we provide bags filled with essential items. These include but are not limited to hygiene items, foods, snacks, a Bible Tract, and water.

Some ways in which we are fulfilling our mission are:

  • Assistance in feeding the homeless on Tuesday nights
  • Providing supplies for hurricane victims in Florida, and assisting with clean up and tree removal
  • Collecting much needed food supplies for the children’s home in Miami
  • Donating school supplies to under privileged children
  • Mentoring high risk 4th grade children with reading in a low income elementary
  • Sponsoring two teenagers on a mission trip to Columbia
  • Helping get cancer treatment for a woman in a third world country
  • Provided groceries to a man who had lost his job
  • Participating in mission trips to Guyana Panama and the Philippines
  • Provided support for “Prison Fellowship” ministries
  • Fundraising to provide 12 people safe harbor out of Venezuela to begin life anew in Chile and Columbia without persecution
  • Organized and provided an Ecumenical women’s night out
  • Speak at Ecumenical men’s conference “Leave No Man Behind”
  • Taught Ecumenical bible studies
  • Hosted nights of praise, prayer, and worship
  • Participated and help facilitate global outreach “God Belongs in My City”

A message from Rev. Jim Wilson

The aforementioned are just a few of the things that we are involved in. Since beginning this ministry, we feel as though we are infants, so much we do not yet know but so much to do. As you know our needs our great and God has chosen us to help in one way or another.

Your prayers are greatly sought after. Financial assistance would be a blessing as well. If God is leading you to partner with us, donations can be taken by checks made payable to:

Three Nails Transformation Ministries
7670 Atlanta St
Hollywood, FL 33024

Thanks for your seeking.In His Adventure,
Reverend Jim Wilson

Three Nails Transformation Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit.
All donations are tax deductible as per allowable by law.